The’s poppy is a symbol of their military family, in particular a great uncle who died in 1915. It is framed and hanging in their current home in Istanbul.

“We bought our poppy very early on before visiting the Tower because we were so impressed by the concept of what the installation was to show.
We are a military family so move around a lot and we have had our poppy framed in order to keep it safe from damage. It is hung on the wall of our current home in Istanbul where we live during a NATO tour.
We have visited the Gallipoli peninsular on a number of occasions; it is our favourite part of Turkey with the area that saw such horror for both sides now a beautiful and peaceful national park of remembrance. We have only recently been told that my husband’s great Uncle died at Geoghegan’s Bluff in June 1915 so we have had the privilege of finding and visiting his memorial stone. Our poppy is dedicated to 2Lt FMD Morrogh Royal Munster Fusiliers.”