We spoke to Phillip Schofield about what his poppy means to him. His poppy was given to him by his brother. 

“My brother bought my poppy for me. We had dinner at the top of the Shard and looked down on the original installation at the Tower of London and said ‘this is the most remarkable thing’. There are occasionally great exhibitions and wonderful things that you have a chance to look at but for me Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red was one of the most visual that I’d seen; it was so poignant and so beautiful and elegant in its execution.

Owning my poppy is part of something very special; sharing that collective awareness of why it was there, what it was there for and what we were remembering. Fundamentally, none of us who own one of these poppies can forget why it was done and what it was for and what we owe people who fell for us.

I keep my poppy in a display cabinet. I had it stuck in the lawn for a bit but brought it inside so it’s now in the display cabinet.”