Mike received his poppy as a gift from his daughter. He keeps it with a collection of photos and artefacts he discovered about his ancestors, some of whom served in WW1.

“When, in 2010, I decided to research my family I had no idea what I would find. I knew when starting the journey, I could not name 10 ancestors – aunts, uncles, grandparents – almost all unknown. Uncovering the past was an adventure. Part of that was learning about family who served during WW1. Many survived, some did not. When my daughter purchased a poppy as a Christmas present for me I knew immediately what to do with it. Pairing the poppy with found artifacts and photos of relatives who served seemed an obvious choice. While many survived the horror, my great grandfather was killed on Oct 5, 1918, just five short weeks before armistice. Our poppy sits proudly on a shelf in our home in Seattle, WA, USA.”