For Louise and her family, who all moved to California from the UK a few years ago, their poppy has become a symbol of home, family, love and liberty. 

“My poppy sits in a lemon tree planter overlooking San Francisco Bay. It was bought for me by my wonderful Mother-in-Law who lost her grandfather George Sinclair in WW1. The poppy traveled 6,000 miles in my hand luggage to my Californian home where it reminds my family daily about the sacrifice made by my British relatives and others.”

Every year in November, Louise brings the poppy into her daughters school, where she talks to the children about the poppy and its meaning.

“The San Francisco Bay Area is filled with cultural diversity so it is poignant to see students from all over the world sat side by side listening to the story of the poppy, and learning about the sacrifice made by all nations 100 years ago so they could be free to learn today, unified and not separated by their differences.”

“We will always honor the traditions of Armistice Day wherever we live in the world because that is what our parents and grandparents taught us to do. It is an incredible privilege to own this poppy, and reinforces to us that we have a duty to pass on to our children the message that we must never forget.”

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