Kate keeps her poppy as a small way to tell her great grandfather she’s thinking of him…

“My great grandfather is one of the fallen from the Gallipoli campaign – lost but never forgotten. On the 100th anniversary of his death we visited Gallipoli as a family as we felt it was time to finally pay our respects and lay him to rest as a family. His wife spent years chasing for news of what happened, his son (who was 6 months when he died) had only one photo as a memory of him…we still have all the hand written correspondence from those days. In Gallipoli we discovered he had been a hero and was mentioned in despatches, something we never imagined. The exhibition of poppies was so poignant and the reading around of names of the fallen was beautiful and will never to be forgotten – the poppy is a way to have our lost one remembered and respected and just one small way to tell him he’s always in our hearts.

It’s a story and memory I will share and remember my entire life.”        

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