Julia lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Her poppy was a gift from her mum and is a daily reminder of her beloved England and its history.

“I am very lucky as my Mum Dorothy Barnes from Worthing bought my sister and myself a Poppy each. They travelled a long way to Cape Town and to my sister who lives in Johannesburg. I may live in Cape Town, South Africa but my heart will always be in England. It is very special and mine is sitting at my front door, so I look at it every day. It signifies home, suffering and much love to me. It signifies love for so many that suffered for us. I think it is fantastic the warmth and bringing together these Poppies created. Being an August baby the Poppy is also my flower so it means even more. I wish more could be made so we can buy more and the money put towards a good cause. Thank you for creating this world wide awareness again of how others fought and suffered for us. These Poppies are magical and mine means so much to me for so many reasons. So glad my special Mum could get them for us.”