Elaine bought a #TowerPoppy in memory of her father:

“My poppy was bought along with 5 others, 4 for my daughters and one for my Aunt, my father’s sister. My father’s name was David S.C. Blake, he was a Private in the Cambridgeshire Regiment.  He was a Japanese Prisoner of War in Burma and was incarcerated for the duration of the War in Changi Prison. He worked on the Death Railway and endured other horrendous conditions. Upon his release in August 1945 he came home in September 1945 on HMS Canberra and docked at Southampton where my mother was there to meet him. He had been very ill with Malaria, Berri Berri, Dysentry etc. and was not in good health. I was born in November 1947 and he later died when I was 3 months old in February 1948 aged 27 due to his contracted illnesses causing cancer and therefore I did not have the opportunity of “meeting” him but over the past 70 years, myself, his sister and my daughters have kept his memory alive.”

See Elaine’s poppy here