We spoke to Anne Diamond about her four ceramic poppies.

“I’m supporting Where Are The Poppies Now because the powerful message behind the original Tower of London installation should not be lost. Everyone I know who owns one feels an emotional link with a great work of art and it’s a great idea to keep that feeling alive.

We treasure ours, not because we know a family member who died in the first world war, we actually don’t. But my sons are very proud of the part their grandfather played in world war two – one was a Desert Rat and the other, my dad, was part of the scientific team that created Radar. And me as a mum of sons, I can’t help but identify with all those other mums who sent their sons off to war who kissed them goodbye and watched them go down the path off to the front and never saw them again and many mums we know lost all their sons and husbands too.”