I appreciate these poppies were commemorating those who gave the ultimate during the 1WW but a good friend of mine who was born and lives in Arnhem, Netherlands. His parents were held in a concentration camp but managed to survive. His connection with Arnhem is deep felt and emotional. Every September the people of Arnhem and the surrounding villages hold commemorative wreath laying and ceremonies in memory of those allied troops who attempted to give Holland their freedom.
I purchased four of these poppies. I presented Jos and his wife, Marjo with one of these because they see the poppy as a symbol of death as a result of conflict. For them, this includes Operation Market Garden – ‘A Bridge Too Far’.
It is displayed in pride of place in their home and it’s story told to all those who enquire about it.
The other three are held by my wife and I and our two sons.
They will in turn be handed down our grand children and retained as family heirlooms.