I came down to London, The Tower for the day to make some Poppies. It was a most moving experience.
I bought a Poppy for all my 19 Grandchildren and Children. One went to Egypt Two went to
Singapore. One to Wales, and the rest to England. We gave them to the families as Christmas Presents. They were all delighted! Mostly they are displayed in their bedrooms but I put my
Poppy in a Garden Tub with while and Blue flowers, but I am going to bring it in now. I am
going to have it put in a special picture frame with the detailed description and where all our
Poppies went to over the world. It also encouraged them to ask about WW1 and I have sorted
out our family medals and these will be passed onto our Grandsons. It has made them aware
of the Poppies each year and they now wear their Poppies with pride – they now realize the
significance of the POPPY. All of them have visited the Poppies at various places round Great