I finally found a suitable place for my Poppy, placed on a floating shelf next to a photograph of Churchill…Quite apt and took centre stage of the room. whilst cleaning and bending down underneath said shelf, i accidently banged my head underneath it. Seconds later both poppy and vase shot past me heading for the floor. How i don’t know, but i managed to grab both in tact. With a sharp inhalation of breath, i retirned then to the shelf ( which unbeknown to me was no longer level). Crash! My poppy slid off the floor and into a thousand pieces. I immediately burst into tears! stupidly and impetitiously acting on emotion, my attempts to superglue it made it look worse! My mum suggested to send it to a ceramic restorer ( of course, why didn’t i think if that, whilst blubbing like a baby failing whilst abismilly trying to piece it back together)! In short, it is costing me £300 to get it back to its splendor but also felt it was my duty the life it represents! Arrives in November.