After seeing the story on the morning news, I brought two, one for myself and one for my mother. We brought them in rememberance of my Great Great and my mothers Great Uncle Gunner Harry Briggs RFA No:830507, who was killed on Wednesday 27th March 1918, and is remembered on the Pozieres Memorial. We thought, that the ‘Blood Swept Lands,’ was an appoirate way to remember the fallen.Later that year we travelled down to The Tower of London and saw the poppies first hand, wich only renforced our view of the installation, especially the poppies around Traitors Gate. We felt the poppies echoed the blood that had flowed from not only the soldiers but from those imprisoned, in the ‘Tower.’ In 2016 we were lucky enough to be allocated tickets for the 100th Anniversary commeneration at the Thiepval Memorial. Whilst there we were able to visit the Pozieres Memorial, my third visit my mothers first, to leave a cross in rememberance to Harry. A family member that nobody knew about until, recently.