I bought this poppy for my Mum as a Christmas present the year they went on sale. It now lives with her in her flat, just down the road from me so I am lucky enough to see it often. In summer she puts it outside in one of her patio pots where it adds a splash of colour to the garden. In winter it is brought inside to brighten a vase of winter flowers. We wanted one in remembrance of my Grandfather, Brigadier F.R.W. Jameson D.S.O.,M.C. and in remembrance of his platoon, all of whom apart from him, were killed or injured in 1915. Following this disaster he transferred to the Signals Corps where his outstanding bravery was recognised on many occasions. My mother remembers her father in law with great affection and though I was only seven when he died, I loved him dearly and have clear memories of his warmth, kindness and extraordinary sense of fun. He was an extraordinary man and our poppy keeps his flame alive as I hope it will for future generations.