Poppies are so Emotional and Colourful.All my life I have loved Poppies and grow them in my garden,they are fragile but tough if need be in a strong wind.Poppies are for All Year ,not just Rememberance Day and appear on all kinds of materials .Little girls can wear Poppy Dresses and Grans can wear Poppy Scarves.I was the Poppy Co-ordinator during my working life in Primary School and it was so rewarding and the interest from the children and their parents was truly amazing.Over the years I have received many Poppy themed gifts which I have loved and treasured.
I bought My Poppy for lots of reasons,it was a chance of a lifetime and the sight of all those Poppies at the Tower was unforgettable.My sons have served in the Military and as a family we are tremendously proud of this connection.Conflict affects lots of families and the bond is there forever in Peacetime too.The Poppy is an Emblem recognised and loved all over the world .My Poppy is dedicated to the Royal Air Force.