My poppy was used to remember 7 members of my family who fell in the Great War and 3 more from the Second World War. Very hard to narrow it down but I feal my Great Grandma s brother and his son inspire my battlefield visits.
Uncle Matthew Lowe was an August 1914 volunteer aged 44 and had to lie to bring his age down! He went into a regular battalion, the 1st Kings Own and was in France by the start of December 1914. He saw action at Ypres in 15 and fell on the first day of the Somme. His service record has survived and shows him in trouble more than once. It also shows family trying to find out what happened to him. His body was never identified so is commemorated at Thiepval.
His son Tom joined up in 14 and after spending most of the war in the UK went to France in Jan 1918. He saw action during 18 and died of gas shell wounds at Ypres less than 3 weeks before the Armistice