My poppy was bought to honour both of my grandfathers who both survived the war. My maternal grandfather was one of only fifty or so uninjured in Britians worst train disaster at Quintinshill near Gretna on 22 May 1915, on Route to Liverpool for shipping to Gallipoli. 230 were killed and 246 badly injured and only 58 men and 7 officers survived uninjured. They were the 7th Battalion the Royal Scots and also attached were a small contingent of the Highland Light Infantry.That my Grand father survived this and went on to serve in other theatres of the war, I think it amazing he survived. He never spoke of this but when my son was very young he had a book entitled Britains greatest disasters which he brought home from school. On looking through it I was amazed to recognize a picture of my grandfather who was long dead by this time. I took it to show my mother who immediately confirmed that it was her father. He had mentioned being in a train crash once but never gave any details