I gave this poppy as a gift to a man who lost his brother in WW2. Until he was too disabled to continue, this man organised collectors for the local British Legion’s poppy appeal each year. He would collect the more elderly (including one veteran) of the volunteers in his car, supervise hand overs and personally cover any shift that was empty. He drove his wife to distraction as he ran himself into the ground. He recruited me early on and that was it! Every last Saturday before Remembrance Day for 17 years I would be outside the local Tesco doing the last shift of the day. I didn’t like standing in the freezing cold but it was nothing compared to what he did and, as he said, his contribution was nothing compared to the sacrifices of others. I couldn’t think of anyone who deserved one of these poppies more. I no longer live nearby but I know his poppy is framed and proudly displayed.