Between 1869 and 1949, over 100,000 children from the UK were immigrated to Canada to be used as a source of cheap labor on farms and Canadian households. Collectively known as the “British Home Children”, thought to have been orphaned most had a family, including parents, remaining back in the UK. Enlistment to many was their only hope of returning to the UK to find them. When the First World War broke out, over 10,000 Home Boys enlisted, an almost 100% enlistment rate of the boys in Canada. We have identified over 1,1000 BHC who died in the First World War. The story of these children is not well known both in the UK and in Canada. I actively research and promote these children and their service through my organization “British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association”. My poppy travels with me across Canada and is used in our exhibits, posters, and quilt to highlight and promote the enormous contributions of our BHC in the War and the over 1,100 that died.