I purchased three poppies. Unfortunately one was broken in transit but not so badly that it couldn’t be mended. I use it as a statement that there are scars but life carries on.

Purchased for my three grandchildren in memory of my grandfather, Albert Latham. Enlisted with the South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales Volunteers) aged 17. Served at the Somme. Caught in a gas attack that affected the rest of his life but survived to his 80s. Brought his family to Canada in the 1920s. Attempted to enlist in WWII but health prevented him so he volunteered to assist the Services at home. His eldest son, also Albert (my Dad), enlisted with the Royal Canadian Artillery in 1939 aged 19. Served in Sicily/Italy, Belgium and Holland. Suffered with malaria as a result. Passed away at 64.

Both of these men were special to me. Unfortunately my grandchildren know them only through stories and pictures. I hope that one day these poppies will find pride of place in their own homes. Lest we forget.