I visited Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red many times while it was at the Tower of London, and watched it grow from one poppy to a sea of over 88,000 as each one was carefully and lovingly planted. It never failed to move me and, when the installation was complete, I attended the last post at the Tower on a number of occasions, each time being moved to tears by the sacrifice of those who died in WWI. As such, there was no question that I just had to have a one of those poppies when they came up for sale. The selflessness and sacrifice of our military personnel is just as moving today as it was 100 years ago and, although I have no idea whether or not members of my family served in WWI (I’m assuming they must have but have no records to prove this), I felt strongly that this was a way in which I could ‘do my bit’. My poppy sits proudly on my mantelpiece as a constant reminder to honour those that served and continue to serve.