I bought my poppy having spent a sunny day with friends,helping to plant them in the moat at the Tower of London. We wanted to be part of the event as we felt it was an amazing installation. All of us purchased poppies both as a donation and because we felt attached to the blooms we had assembled all morning.
I have traced my family tree back 16 generations ~ a line of London sawyers/carpenters mostly ~ and the only one with a marked grave is my great uncle who came home from WW1 but died soon after.
My poppy is ‘planted’ in a bottle in my living room alongside a South African Protea flower made from Zulu beads which was bought for me a year to the day after I helped at the Tower. People comment on it when they see it.
I have been lucky enough to see the poppies in Northumberland also and they never cease to make an impact.