In 2014 I was living and working in London. My office was across the Thames from the Tower of London close to London Bridge. On the first day the poppies had been planted the whole office walked over Tower Bridge to go and see them. It was incredible to see how the poppies spread over the next few months, and I decided to buy one to support the various charities the money would go towards, helping those who are affected by war today.

By the time the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red came to an end in November my life had taken a new turn as I had a new job in Edinburgh and would be leaving London before the end of the year. I remember being completely overwhelmed by the sea of red when I went back to the Tower on the final day of the poppies. I feel very privileged to have a piece of this outstanding art work and will always remember the impact it had on me over those last few months I lived in London.