On hearing about the 2014 Poppy Initiative I was gripped with curiosity about how this monumental feat might be accomplished and how it would look when finished, because as a theatre ‘prop’ maker creating ‘something’ out of ‘nothing’ was one my passions which later became a hobby creating items from recycled materials to raise funds for animal charities. The Poppy has a great significance in the UK and on a personal basis for me as my heritage lies in Poland. My father fought with the Allies in the Battle for Monte Cassino from which arose in a ballad poignantly describing the poppies that then grew on site being much redder because ‘they were nourished by spilt Polish blood.’ I ordered two; one for my sister who loves poppies and because I wanted us to commemorate our parents in a uniquely personal way. The driver who delivered our precious cargo deferentially handed them over with the simple words ‘Mr and Mrs Ludlow, here are your poppies.’