I bought my poppy in memory of my great grandfather Joseph Harrison Butler who volunteered in September 1914 as a farrier as he was a blacksmith. He sailed in the convoy to Gallipoli and served there for the whole of that ill fated campaign, he was on one of the last ships out, on arriving back in Egypt he fell very I’ll and was not expected to survive, indeed a telegram was sent to his family to this effect. Remarkably he survived and was invalided out of the Army and returned home to his wife and five children one of them Oliver was my grandfather. Sadly JHB died in 1923. He had kept a diary of his time in Gallipoli detailing the privations and horror that he and his fellow soldiers endured. I have used this diary in my teaching, sharing his story with many children to help keep his story alive. My grandfather and father both went on to serve as career soldiers and I wear all their medals with pride for them each Rememberance Sunday.