I am very passionate about remembering all those that fight for our country, in past an present conflicts. My Great Grandfather served in the Royal artillery during WW1, he was one of the lucky ones, came back and lived a long and happy life. My childhood memories of him, he is sat in his chair, smoking a pipe, the ash tray at his side had an artillery badge as the back piece and either side of the fire were two brass shells engraved with his division. I was to young to ask him about his experiences, but would love the chance now.
Educating young people about history is very important, I help out with a group doing just that, by putting on a uniform and standing in a trench giving people an insight to what life was like in WW1.
My poppy is a daily reminder of all those that did not return from WW1, they paid the ultimate price for our freedom, nothing we can do will repay that price, the only thing we can do is remember them, and pass the importance of remembering on to our children.