I felt such immense love and peace when I saw the poppies. Everyone was there to experience the love and dedication that started the installation.
No one pushed or shoved, everyone was polite calm and quiet. All swept up in the emotion surrounding the poppies.
I brought one as a tiny tribute to my grandpa (GGP) as well as all people in every past and future fights. My grandpa was my best friend, he never spoke of his time in the Second World War, his treatment at a p.o.w. Camp. The only story I remember is that he was on the Dunkirk beach with the filming crew on the same boat/ landing craft vehicle as him. He is on the film reels somewhere but I’m yet to spot him, when the films are shown.
He did his duty but never felt proud of his part, he never accepted his medals as he felt he did nothing noteworthy. My step brother researched and found his medals, framed them and presented them to him but again he didn’t want them.
I have them as a memory, but his harmonica means more.