As soon as I read that the poppies were to be sold after the installation event was over, I was sure that the demand for them would be high and quick. So I went online and bought two. Both my grandfathers fought in WW1 with the Royal Artillery, as did both my wife’s grandfathers in the infantry. All four survived, although my maternal grandfather was gassed – he also served in the RAF as an anti-aircraft gunner in WW2 – and my wife’s maternal grandfather was wounded and invalided out of the forces. We have his “Services Rendered” medal. Our daughter has always been interested in the family history, so I decided to buy a poppy for both sides of the family that she could inherit. I didn’t buy 4 poppies as I felt that this would deprive others of the chance to own a poppy. We did see the poppies in situ before the display was dismantled.

They are now on display in our living room, in a vase we bought specifically for the purpose, which we decorate appropriately at Christmas.