We bought two poppies. One was for my husband’s Great-uncle, R. Dalton. He was Sick Berth Attendant on HMS Tipperary which sunk during the Battle of Jutland. His body was found on the coast of Norway at Egersund where he is buried with five others. We, and other members of the family, visited the grave on the 100th Anniversary of his death in 2016. He came from Arundel in Sussex and stones from Arundel Park were placed by the graves.
The second poppy was for my Great-uncle, H. Andrews. He was a Private in the 5th King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. He came from Willersey in Gloucestershire. He had joined up in 1914 and lost his life at the battle of Arras in1917. We visited the grave at Tilloy on the 100th Anniversary in 2017 and placed stones from Willersey’s Parish Church. We also discovered another distant relative, W. Gazey, was buried in the same cemetery and had died on the same day.
We see the poppies every day in our home and think of all those who gave their lives for us.