My name is Cat and I am a high school teacher from Hamilton Ontario Canada. I found out about the poppies through the Daily Mail UK and was lucky enough to order one.

I do have a background in History but it’s not a subject I have taught and I’ve always had an interest in the World Wars. I know very little of my family military history and there are tales of an uncle flying the Lancaster in WWI.

I’ve also been lucky enough to escort grade 10 students to Paris and Normandy where we have visited Omaha and Juno Beaches, sites of the D-Day landings along with Arromonche and both the Canadian and American cemeteries. I find it a humbling experience. I’ve also been able to visit Pearl Harbour which too was very moving.

Having been able to see these locations and the history of which they hold have really piqued my interest in Canada’s military background.

I consider myself blessed to own a poppy from the Tower of London