My poppy started off ‘planted’ in the garden but was brought in to avoid any possible frost damage. It now lives next to the fireplace in my living room.
What does it mean to me? My family has a history of military service in all the forces. One great uncle in the marines died in 1941 when his ship hit a mine field. Another was a Japanese prisoner of war, he survived the ordeal but was never the same and he committed suicide. A third was a Royal Marine who is mentioned in a book documenting an incident on board a ship that was torpedoed and he was carrying people from below decks to safety, despite being injured himself. My grandfather was first in the Navy then the Royal Artillery and helped with the aid effort when Vesuvius erupted during the war. Both of my parents were in the RAF.
My poppy is my memorial to all of them and the many other who served, and continue to serve.