I bought this poppy as a tribute to the memory of two members of the family whom I have been researching. Donald William Edwards (cousin twice removed) joined the Royal Engineers as was a dispatch rider. He volunteered to become a spotter in the RFC and was teamed up with a Canadian pilot. Three planes flew out to observe enemy positions on the Belgian border during a major battle. They were not expecting Germany’s second best pilot to arrive on the scene. In the dog fight, two planes collided, killing all on board. Donald was shot down and died alongside his pilot. His brother was Commander Harrington Douty Edwards. He joined the navy at 9 years old. Taking command of E5, a WW1 Submarine, he carried out many risky assignments. He and his crew went missing and were reported lost. Rumours abound but no one could identify where they had ended up. Virtually 100 years to the day later, a diving crew from Holland found his sub in good condition miles away from it’s last position.