As an English woman with grandparents who fought in WW2 and great parents who fought in WW1 honouring those who have gone into danger in order to protect us has always been important to me and I brought my children up honouring the 11th Nov silence. when we moved to the US I find it important to still stand in silence at that time and respect those who have fallen…even if no one knows what i’m doing.
It would have meant so much to me to come back and see the poppies in London and show my respect but I was unable to. A very dear friend of mine Paula Aamli knew how much it meant to me and sent me a poppy so I can look out my window everyday and see and appreciate what was done for me not just by those who fought but by a thoughtful friend who knew my heart.
the poppy is in my garden and can be seen from my kitchen window, with a hummingbird feeder next to it which is regularly visited….they even rest on the poppy between flights.