In February 2015 I retired from the Humberside Police as a Police Sergeant having served 30 years. My Neighbourhood Police Team with whom I had the honour of working with for the last 10 years of my service, decided without me knowing, to apply for one of the poppies and were successful. They presented it to me on my last working day and when I saw it was moved to tears not only because I was leaving them but the effort they had gone to, to obtain one of these beautiful and much sought after ceramic poppies. I never got to see them in London but was always spellbound by their display. I was totally shocked at this unexpected retirement gift and decided that I would put it on display in my house where I could see it every day. I placed the bronze statue of the sentry at guard with upturned rifle in front of the poppy as I felt it complimented the display and was fitting to the memory of those killed during the Great War. The whole display is a prized possession in our household.