Find out more about Where Are The Poppies Now with these helpful FAQ’s. Need to know something that’s not on here? Click contact us to send us an email.

Why has 14-18 NOW created a website to find the Tower Poppies?

Where Are The Poppies Now aims to reunite digitally the poppies from the original artwork, giving people the opportunity to tell the stories behind why – or for whom – they purchased their poppy. The site will also show where the Poppies are now all around the world. 14-18 NOW, the First World War Centenary arts programme, is responsible for the UK tour of the two sculptures Wave and Weeping Window which formed part of the original installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, originally staged by Historic Royal Palaces at HM Tower of London in 2014.  The 888,246 ceramic poppies that made up the original installation were sold with profits going to six military charities.


We ask for your full postcode to enable us to accurately plant your poppy on the digital map. Your postcode will never be visible and only your first name will display on the site. 14-18 NOW may use your postcode and age information for evaluation purposes only. For full details of 14-18 NOW’s privacy and data policy visit

How long will people have to add their poppy to the website?

You will be able to plant your poppy and share your story until the end of 2018. After this, the website will still be available to view but no more poppies can be added.

Can I add my story to the website even if I do not own a poppy?

The site is designed for those who own a poppy to plant it and share their story. However, those who do not own a poppy can still browse the site, comment & like others’ stories and share with their friends.

Can I still buy a poppy?

All the poppies from the original artwork were sold to members of the public in 2014. As each one represented a life, there will be no new poppies made or available to buy. The two sculptures which formed part of the original installation were purchased for the nation in the same way as the individual poppies by the Backstage Trust and Clore Duffield Foundation. At the end of the tour in 2018 they will go into the long term ownership of the Imperial War Museum.

I have more than one poppy, can I add it?

Yes, you can add as many poppies as you like to the map in multiple locations.

If I want to change my story after I’ve posted it, what do I do?

You must delete your original story and re-post it.

Where can I see the Poppies?

14-18 NOW is presenting the iconic poppy sculptures Wave and Weeping Window at selected locations around the UK until 2018. Find out more about the Poppies Tour and upcoming locations.